Twin Peaks Port MacDonnell Hillclimb Entry Form

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The Entry Form requires information regarding the Competitor/Entrant and the Driver, so please have all of this handy before you start.

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The Entry Form and the Entry Fee must be received before your Entry is classed as complete. You will receive an automatic reply email with a notification that your Entry has been received, along with bank account details for Fee payment.

Your Entry will then be checked by organisers before it will be accepted. An official acceptance email will be sent once finalised – please be patient, this will take a little while.

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Saturday, 8th & Sunday, 9th February 2020

CAMS Permit # - 520/0902/01

Please complete each field below IN FULL.
Please do not use "As Above" as a response, as doing so will result in incorrect data collection. If your entry includes "As Above" as a response, it WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



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Multiple entries for any car are permitted (to a maximum of two per vehicle). The entries must be on separate Entry Forms.
Entries may only be entered in one Class and one Category and must not be transferred without the Clerk of Course's permission.
Are you sharing this vehicle with another Driver? If so, the second driver MUST complete a SEPARATE Entry Form.


Please select your Entry Fee, as applicable.
If paying by EFT, please email remittance to If paying by Cheque, please post to Twin Peaks Port MacDonnell Hilclimb, Event Secretary, PO Box 1551, Mount Gambier SA 5290.