2020 PMD Race Products Forest Sprint

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020 to Sunday, Aug 16, 2020 at


Please visit https://www.motorsport.org.au/covid-19 to download your copy of Motorsport Australia's "RETURN TO RACE" Guidelines.



  • Before completing the Entry Form, please see Supplementary Regulations, Disclaimer and 2 x Motorsport Australia Self-Scrutineering Forms, located under "EVENT DOCUMENTS".
  • Only ONLINE Entries will be accepted.
  • Only ONLINE Payment will be accepted.
  • Only ONLINE (JPG, PNG or PDF files) Driver's Club Member AND Motorsport Australia Licenses will be accepted.



SEAC Park, Megaws Road, Compton SA 5291



  • First and foremost, it must be stated that drivers, officials and spectators MUST comply with all the current COVID 19 restrictions that are in place at the time of the event.
  • This includes, but not limited to, social distancing and hand hygiene etc.
  • All persons onsite at the event must comply with the Motorsport Australia “Return to Race" strategy which is available to download here.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the venue and handwashing regime must be followed.
  • A COVID-19 compliance checker will be onsite and can stop the event until a non-conformance is rectified.
  • Public address system will be used for drivers briefing.
  • All entries and payments to be completed online. No cash, receipts etc will be available onsite.
  • Self scrutineering forms must be completed.
  • If you are unwell leading up to, or on the day of the event, please stay at home.


  • Type: Multi-Club
  • Contact: Kevin Raedel
  • Phone: 0475 062 717
  • Email: kevmic@outlook.com



Entries will no longer be accepted 'on the day.' Entries need to be completed in full and paid for on the Thursday prior to the running of an event, as per the supp regs.

Competitors without the correct paperwork/ licences etc either at the club office or at an event will not have their entries accepted until the required information is provided. This is a SEAC and CAMS requirement and must be adhered to.